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BIG CHANGE for TrampolinePundit: Joining Forces with AcrobaticSports

Many fans have read the website – an American website devoted to trampoline gymnastics. The administrators of both websites have been friends and allies for years. Therefore, it was logical to join forces. Now, you will be able to read both in one location.

Launching today – at midnight in Saint Petersburg, Russia where the 2018 FIG World Trampoline Championships are starting –  is the combined website called Acrobatic Sports with Trampoline Pundit at The updated website features news about all acrobatic sports, primarily those covered by, but not limited to, the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG). It will also be published in both English and French, reaching a wide, international audience.

Social media will reach a wide, international audience, too. The Trampoline Pundit Facebook page and Twitter account will remain active, sharing the English version posts to social media for AcrobaticSports. But, you can also follow Acrobatic Sports on the Acrobatic Sports Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as on the Trampoline Pundit social media accounts. The more accounts, the better.

Why the change? Teamwork. Of critical importance to Trampoline Pundit is that AcrobaticSports has several contributors. When Trampoline Pundit started, only one person, Leigh Hennessy Robson ran the show – built the website, wrote the stories, solicited content from new writers and photographers, and managed the social media accounts. Eventually she got support from the “Pundette,” Catherine Tracy, who joined Leigh to write regular posts and contribute significant social media content, including video interviews.  To complement their stories, Leigh and Catherine relied on photographers, Per Lindstrom and Graham Dodd, to contribute beautiful images.

All their contributions were incredibly valuable, but we are a small team of volunteers with busy lives. We welcome a bigger team! Therefore Trampoline Pundit is extremely excited to join the AcrobaticSports team to share our love of acrobatic sports to a world of avid fans.

The website will remain live for several months while Pundit readers make the shift to articles will be archived at the original website until they can be transferred. So, don’t worry about finding your favorite articles on You will still be able to access them for a while.

Post by Trampoline Pundit on the new website are attributed, for now, as by Leigh Robson. The mission is young, and more stories will be posted, but I hope you enjoy the new combined website! Thank you for your support over the years. Much love to everyone!

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