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The Acrobaticsports website gets a facelift

In just a few months, Acrobaticsports will be celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Founded by two Trampoline enthusiasts in April 2004, originally under the name Worldtramp, our association, which became Acrobaticsports in 2005, opened the website of the same name to broadcast images of Trampoline and Acrobatic Sports.

Over the last few years, the site had become less productive and therefore less popular. For our 20th anniversary, we've decided to revamp the site: new architecture, new logo, but still a wealth of archives and news about our disciplines.

For the moment, it's still in the construction phase, but we can't wait to present it to you!

You will also find the new concept developed by Acrobaticsport: "Tramp'Arts", which consists of colouring the Trampolines frames in competition.

This project has the support of the entire world trampoline community: athletes, trampoline manufacturers and the Technical Commission, and has been adopted by the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation.

We hope you enjoy the site. See you soon!

The Acrobaticsports team

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