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About Acrobaticsports

         Acrobaticsports is a non-profit association (law 1901) whose aim is the promotion and popularization of acrobatic activities, in particular Trampoline, Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics and double mini Trampoline. Its administrative headquarters is at 1 chemin des Malmorts - Méréville 91660 Le Mérévillois France.


         Founded by two trampoline enthusiasts in April 2004, this association is backed by a website of the same name to distribute trampoline images. The associated site became, and became international with variations in the English version in .com. then in 2010 with a Russian version The same year we opened another .tv site, dedicated to broadcasting our coverage of the World Cup series. Since 2016 we have only kept one English-speaking site, Currently the association has 5 members around the president, Damien Dorna. Volunteer correspondents in several countries contribute to supplying the site and the networks.


        The association promotes the circulation of historical and current documents and data relating to acrobatic disciplines (archiving, digitization, online posting and sharing of information, articles and interviews). It provides media coverage of sporting events and competitions as well as the organization of events and events in relation to its aim of promoting and developing these disciplines. ​


Acrobatic Sports is:


    A source of images, a meeting point for all those involved in the world of acrobatics: hundreds of technical, historical and educational videos; articles written by renowned technicians; competition reports; exclusive interviews, in writing or on video, with the best national and international athletes, journalists and officials. Technical advisors in 2012 for the cinema for the film “The Missing Piece” Complete on-site coverage of the biggest acrobatic events: World Trampoline Championships from 2005 to 2019

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Damien Dorna 


Chairman and co-founder of Acrobaticsports

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Maxine Eouzan 


Journalist / Presenter

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Leigh Hennessy



Double DMT World Champion

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Clive Morgan



Member of the UEG Trampoline technical commission

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Our partners

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