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Brazilian Trampoline Champion Camilla Gomes Talks About Training During COVID-19

The world changes quickly! This week the world protests, but the coronavirus pandemic is still lurking. National and International athletic events have been cancelled and athletes remain challenged by the restrictions each country has leveled to keep their citizens safe.

Last week Acrobatic Sports reached out to UK DMT Champion Kim Beattie for her strategy to stay prepared for potential upcoming competitions during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. This week we have reached across the pond to Brazilian Trampoline Champion, Camilla Gomes. Camilla lives in the United States and is married to multiple US Trampoline Champion Steven Gluckstein (host of podcast Trampoline Insight). She moved to the States six years ago and trains at Elite Trampoline Academy with coach Tatiana Kovaleva in Middleton, New Jersey.

As one of the world’s top women in trampoline, Camilla has a lot to contribute. Her accomplishments are many: South American Games Women’s Individual Champion, twice Pan Am Games finalist, twice Synchronized finalist in the World Championships, #1 Ranked in the World in Synchronized Trampoline (2019-2020) and 14th Place at World Championships two years in a row, which was the highest ever finish for Brazil in history.

Acrobatic Sports asked familiar questions to learn what Camilla is doing to stay on top of her game until gymnastics facilities open again. She points out in her answers that nothing gymnasts can do at home can compare to actually training on a trampoline, but she makes the most of the situation with a rational outlook.

Acrobatic Sports (AS): Has your country/state ordered that everyone stay home? Does your country also require 2-meters of self-distancing and/or wearing a face mask?

Camilla: Yes, I currently live in the US and since mid March we were ordered to stay-home, everything started to shut down. You are allowed to go to grocery stores, pharmacy and to go outside on a walk, run, to walk your dog but within the weeks I started seeing more and more people wearing masks and now in most of the stores it is mandatory to use one.

AS: If your state has ordered such measures, are you still able to go to your gym or training facility to train? If so, how are they affecting your training?

Camilla: No, all the gyms in the country had to shut down. It was very hard at first since I was in the process of qualifying to the Olympic Games. I stay active at home but nothing compares to actually jumping on a trampoline. From being at your best phase to no training at all it was very hard, but once the Olympics got postponed it was a bit of relief.

AS: If you cannot go to your gym or training facility, how are you training at home? What are you doing to stay fit and/or prepared for potentially upcoming competitions?

Camilla: I workout for about 3-4hrs per day 5 days a week. I do a HIIT (Crossfit) session, Brazilian National Team ZOOM workout and some yoga/stretching session to make sure my body stays at its best.

AS: How have the restrictions changed your training?

Camilla: It changed everything. I feel like as a trampolinist it is very hard to “imitate” your training at home, unlike sports such as volleyball, track & field, etc, where you can still practice when you are away from the gym.

I was very lucky that my Crossfit gym provided me some equipment, my husband (Steven Gluckstein) built us a lifting platform made from wood and a box with the extra wood to work on some power exercises (ex: box jumps) so that way I could still exercise and stay active during quarantine.

AS: Being physically prepared is one thing, but one must also be mentally prepared, too. Without knowing exactly and confidently when and where the next competition will be, how are you staying mentally prepared?

Camilla: This is definitely tough at the moment. I don’t remember when was the last time my training/competition calendar was a blank. To stay sane during this time I have a goal of meditating at least 5 minutes a day everyday, working on breathing exercises and visualization. I also started meeting with a sports psych from Brazil every week and so far it has been great!

AS: Also, it’s important to be emotionally prepared. Staying at home for weeks on end can be daunting. How are you coping with shutdowns and postponed international competitions?

Camilla: I realized this was completely out of my control and started focusing on the things I can control. I kept my routine similar to what it was but “from home” – I wake up, eat breakfast, workout, eat lunch, zoom workout, work (I am a Nutrition Coach), eat dinner, shower, stretch, and go to bed. Having a routine to follow is something that works really well for me and at this point I am getting used to it. However, I can’t wait to be back to the gym and the normal life.

AS: Finally, how do you plan to celebrate when it’s over!

Camilla: Hopefully I will qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer. I can celebrate it there in 2021 with all the countries and athletes together, showing the spirit of the Olympics. After everyone had been separated and isolated for so long, it will be so great to finally come together.

* Congratulations to Steve and Camilla as they celebrate their fourth Wedding Anniversary this week!

** Featured image is by Per Lindstrom

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