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Dong Dong and Lin Qianqi win as China holds third trampoline event of 2020

Dong Dong and Lin Qianqi were the winners as the Chinese trampoline championships came to a close.

The two-day competition, which was the third and final event of the year, also saw titles awarded in the teams and synchronisation events.

In the men’s final, 31-year-old Dong wowed the audience with a clean, smooth-flowing routine that scored 60.515 points to give him the gold medal.

Wang Xiaoyin finished less than 0.2 behind Dong to claim the silver medal with 60.330 points. They were followed by Tu Xiao, whose score of 60.125 points saw him take the bronze medal.

Gao Lei, the four-time World Championship winner, failed to advance to the final.

“I am really happy to win the gold medal in individual event again,” Dong Dong said.

“Every competition is a challenge for me, even after so many years.

“Every time I compete, I compete with the one intention, just like I did when I debuted back then.

“I did my best to fight, and today, I am very fortunate to win the gold medal again. This is also an affirmation of my training.”

As a veteran of the sport, Dong Dong has a range of experience and skills to draw on, including the level of difficulty that he can perform.

But, he says, his physical fitness is not as good as before.

”Starting last year, the team has responded made great efforts to improve its physical fitness and make up for its shortcomings, so it has benefited a lot.

“After the championships, the team will enter winter training. After that, there will be some competitions in the first half of next year.

“I’m really looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics!”

In the women’s individual finals, Lin Qianqi performed well to win the gold medal with 56.995 points.

Huang Yanfei was the runner-up with 56.200 points. She was closely followed in third place by Li Dan, who scored 56.135 points.

“This is the first time I have stood on the podium since my comeback,” said Li Dan.

“I am very happy to have young players in front of me, but I am also very happy for myself because I have also improved.”

Li Dan added that a foot injury has meant that her training has been anything but smooth.

”My foot injury is slowly recovering, and training is improving a little bit.

“Today, I can show my recent training level in the competition. I am still very satisfied.

“This medal is an encouragement and motivation for me. My road to comeback is getting stronger and firmer, and I have more confidence as I go.”

In the men’s synchronised finals, the event was won by Zhou Jie and Fu Bing (Shaanxi), followed by Lian Shidong and his partner Yang Yanwei (Shanxi). The pair of Kang Yiqiang and Ji Luyao (Tianjin) was third.

The women’s synchronised final saw Cao Yunzhu and Fan Xinyi (Zhejiang) emerge as winners. Zhang Huirong and Xu Qingqing (Shanxi) took the silver medal, followed by Wang Ziwei and Chen Lingyun (Zhejiang).

Commenting on the performances at the competition, Lu Chunlong of the Chinese Gymnastics Association said: “Our goal in this competition is to train the team and find the right direction for the next stage of training.

“From the results, it should have achieved the expected goal.

“Dong Dong, Tu Xiao and Wang Xiaoyin are all the members of the national team, and they performed very well.

“For women, Lin Qianqi, Huang Yanfei and Li Dan scored more than last year’s World Championship champions. This is recognition of our recent training results.”

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