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The concept

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         The concept Tramp'Arts combines Trampoline and visual art. The idea is to promote our discipline by embellishing its equipment. The frame of the competition Trampolines will be embellished with various patterns and colors. Thus transformed into a work of art, the Trampoline will further attract the eye of spectators, and arouse the interest of the media. 


        This project is supported by the entire world trampoline community: athletes, trampoline manufacturers and the Technical Commission, and has been adopted by the Executive Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

       When Tramp'Arts appears at competitions or sporting events, we'll be selling promotional items (mugs, books, calendars, etc.). When you buy one of our products, you'll automatically be entered in a draw to win gifts related to our disciplines.


       The main aim of this operation is to raise funds for the development of trampoline and acrobatic disciplines around the world. The proceeds will be used to fund projects on an international scale: 

- Help in organising competitions
- Donate equipment to emerging nations

- Create a fund to provide material and financial support to

up-and-coming French athletes.

- Financing promotional projects on a national and international scale, such as the production of the video magazine "Envol" dedicated to Acrobatic Sports


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Our partners

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