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World Championships 2018: trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline

The medals for Russia 2018, the  trampoline gymnastics world championships

The medals for Russia 2018, the trampoline gymnastics world championships

The 2018 trampoline gymnastics world championships returns to Russia.

The event is being held in Saint Petersburg, which previously did so in 2009.

This follows the Football World Cup, which was held in the summer, and as was apparent then, the Russians know how to put on a show.

The event will feature the best trampoline gymnasts from around the world from more than 40 countries in the following disciplines:

  1. Trampoline

  2. Synchronized Trampoline

  3. Tumbling

  4. Double Mini-trampoline

This year sees the introduction of an all-round team competition, where teams consisting of representatives in all disciplines of the sport compete for their country. The best overall country in this category will be crowned world champions.

Trampoline world championships ambassadors Alexander Moskalenko and Irina Karavaeva

Alongside the gymnasts and world-class performances, the trampoline gymnastics ambassadors Alexander Moskalenko and Irina Karavaeva will be in attendance.

Moskalenko was the first Olympic Trampoline champion, but also set almost every trampoline record.

From 1990 until his retirement in 2004 after winning Olympic silver, he won 18 World medals, 14 of which were gold. As the winner of five individual world titles, he remains the benchmark of the trampoline discipline.

Like Moskalenko, Karavaeva is a trampoline legend and was also the discipline’s very first Olympic champion.

No other gymnast has won as many World medals and titles: she has 19 medals, 12 of which are gold, including five individual titles.

The finals will be broadcast on television, presumably MATCH TV, on a contract with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Trampoline is gaining great popularity around the world as a sport that requires comprehensive physical preparation, high coordination and speed-strength qualities.

The World Championships will be held at the Saint Petersburg Sport Complex from November 7-10, with the World Age Group Competition following from November 15 and 18.

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