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SCÅL "Sports" exhibition presentation - April 2024 - Champigny/Marne

To pay tribute to the Olympics in his own way, former French tumbling champion Pascal EOUZAN, now known as SCÅL, "l'artcrobate", presents his "tabl'mots". 24 paintings on sports in which black is almost always opposed to colour, straight lines to curves. But it's above all the words, in this case sports, that serve as my sources of inspiration and the basis for my work. A very personal, minimalist, almost childlike form of calligraphy, so that the magic of words works again, but in a different way. On the canvas, I isolate these words. I deconstruct them. The letters separate, move apart, turn over. They no longer form the original word, but they imagine its meaning differently, provoking other thoughts that are often different from mine: yours... Can you spot the letters? Will you find the word? Can you see what I wanted to illustrate? Available on the @MyScalTV channel and on the artist's website:

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