Well, I do not think I ever will be able to thank the too generous (courageous) contributor who allowed me to perform this judging analysis of the Trampoline Finals in London. Please note that for simplification purpose, Jason’s marks were not included in the Men, Victoria’s only affected the number of marks in for one judge. Continue reading

Rosie reached for the Sky

I have to say that for once, I enjoyed Men’s Finals more than Women’s. A part of me blames poor judging calls and this is such a shame. Now I am not saying we did not witness Sportswomanship. Quite the contrary actually. But the outcome still does not add up well enough to me and that’s too bad since we are talking about THE Olympics. Continue reading

DONG (CHN) & MACLENNAN (CAN) prevailed in London

The second qualification event for the Trampoline Gymnastics competition at this summer’s Olympic Games was held this friday at the North Greenwich Arena in London. After the first eight Olympic places were allocated at the World Championships in Birmingham last November, there were a further five places were on offer for the 16 male and 17 female competitors. Detailed results and pictures added. Continue reading

2011 World Age Group Competitions

The 21st World Age Group Competition (WAGC) in trampoline, tumbling, and double mini-trampoline (DMT) kicked off today at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England. 711 competitors from more than 30 countries take part to the juniors’ equivalent of the World Championships. Detailed reports on Days #1 & #2. Continue reading

Li Dan 2010 World Champion

Today was the last day of competition at the 27th World Championships in trampoline, tumbling, and double mini-trampoline in Metz, France. The events took place at the sold out Les Arenes arena. Li Dan (CHN) became the new World Champion in women’s individual trampoline, edging defending World Champion Huang Shanshan (CHN) and Rosie MacLennan (CAN). In men’s synchronized trampoline, Dong Dong-Tu Xiao (CHN) brought a new gold medal for China, the second for Dong Dong at these World Championships. In men’s tumbling, Viktor Kyforenko (UKR) became the new World Champion. In women’s DMT, Corissa Boychuk (CAN) was crowned World Champion. Continue reading

DONG Dong (CHN) retains his World Champion Title

Today was the first day featuring finals at the 27th World Championships in trampoline, tumbling, and DMT at Les Arenes in Metz, France. In men’s individual trampoline, Dong Dong (CHN) retained his World Champion title. Dong edged 2007 World Champion Ye Shuai (CHN) only under the tie breaking rules. Yasuhiro Ueyama (JPN) won his fourth consecutive World Championship medal. In women’s synchronized trampoline, Irina Karavaeva-Viktoria Voronina (RUS) claimed the gold medal. In women’s tumbling and men’s DMT, the reigning World Champions, namely Anna Korobeynikova (RUS) and Andre Lico (POR), retained their titles. It was the fourth consecutive World Champion title for Korobeynikova. Continue reading

Chinese domination in the Qualification Round of the 2010 World Championships

Today was the first day of competition for the 27th World Championships in trampoline, tumbling, and double mini-trampoline at Les Arenes in Metz, France. World Champion Huang Shanshan (CHN) took the lead in the women’s trampoline preliminaries, whereas World Champion Dong Dong (CHN), barely edged two teammates in the men’s. Both reigning Olympic Champions, namely He Wenna (CHN) and Lu Chunlong (CHN) will miss the final. Like in trampoline, the preliminaries in women’s tumbling and men’s DMT saw the reigning World Champions Anna Korobeynikova (RUS) and Andre Lico (POR) dominate the preliminaries. Continue reading