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Awesome website!!

Competed in Osaka World Age Group Champs in 1984. Since the athletes from our country were isolated and competing as persona non grata during those days (Apartheid South Africa) we did not get any recognition either at home or abroad. I so wish the politics were different then – maybe results would have looked different in the years that followed.

Nevertheless, it was an incredible experience! The friendships made and memories treasured will always be there.

Riaan du Plooy

South Africa

My name is Roger Graham. I competed in your wonderful sport and glad to find your website. I believe my first tumbling meet was in 1970. My last Tumbling Acro-competition was in 1986. Most known for ending a tumbling pass with Double back, punch double front. I am a Cherokee Citizen and work for the Oldest Native American Newspaper in the US (est. 1828) producing Video news stories for the Phoenix website ( I have wonderful memories of growing up in Acro. Beautiful Website.
Roger J. Graham
I’d like to commend you for the excellent job of reporting you’re doing on the recent world cup events.  Without your detailed and insightful reports I’m afaird we would be left in the dark about who’s doing well and why. 
You are a tremendous resource to the trampoline & tumbling community and I for one greatly appreciate it.
Thank you and keep up the excellent reports.
Jim Dooley (United States)

Fantastic website!                                                                                         Acrobatic sports is the world’s most interesting website in trampolining and tumbling!            I enjoy watching videos,news and reports.                                                                     I love this website,Thank you.

Tsuyoshi Ohmura

Thank you so much for your web site it is brilliant. It has been great that the results have come up so quickly for the europeans. I have not been able to go and watch the competition but your site has made me feel apart of what is happening. My son Tom Lewis is jumping and it has been great reading your write ups about who is competing. My daughter Hannah has also been doing trampoline internationals for years and this is the first time we have been able to get results so quickly. Thanks again.

Sally Lowe (Great-Britain)

Great Website! can’t believe I have only just found this website!
Like the profiles and reports

Ellie Dixon-Jackson (Great Britain)

Hallo Acrobaticsports! 

Thank you for the wonderful photos about January, the 28th in Bad Kreuznach. I have had a look to the films although. Thank you for visiting us and being one of the highlights of the evening! 

Best Wishes,  Martina Hassel (Bad Kreuznach mayor, Germany)

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