Kundius wins first Trampoline World Cup title as Dong Dong and China dominate in Brescia

Russia’s Irina Kundius won the women’s individual event to claim her first trampoline World Cup title in Brescia.

Kundius, who entered the final in 5th place, scored 56.760 to triumph in the women’s individual event ahead of Zhu Xueying and Zhu Shouli of China, who claimed the silver and bronze medals respectively.

European Champion Yana Pavlova was in second place after the qualifications, had a slip up in the finals and finished in 8th. European silver medallist Hanna Hancharova finished the event in 4th.

The 5th competition in the 2017-18 World Cup Series saw China dominate every other event.

In the men’s event, World and three-time Olympic medallist Dong Dong secured the title ahead of Aleh Rabtsau of Belarus and Russia’s Andrey Yudin. The Rio 2016 Olympic champion Uladzislau Hancharou of Belarus failed to make the final.

Dong then joined forces with Tu Xiao to secure his second gold medal of the competition in the syncro event.

The Chinese female pair of Xueying Zhu and Shouli Zhu emulated their male counterparts to finish on top of the podium in the women’s syncro event.

European Champions Hanna Hancharova and Maria Makharynskaya were second.




  1. Dong Dong (CHN) 60.430

  2. Aleh Rabtsau (BLR) 60.070

  3. Andrey Yudin (RUS) 60.055

  4. Sergei Azarian (RUS) 59.880

  5. Pirmammad Aliyev (KAZ) 58.295

  6. Dario Aloi (ITA) 45.280

  7. Lei Gao (CHN) 30.845

  8. Masaki Ito (JPN) 24.470

  9. Daiki Kishi (JPN) 19.395


  1. Irina Kundius (RUS) 56.760

  2. Xueying Zhu (CHN) 56.415

  3. Shouli Zhu (CHN) 55.660

  4. Hanna Hancharova (BLR) 55.090

  5. Ayano Kishi (JPN) 54.560

  6. Yumi Takagi (JPN) 53.910

  7. Samantha Smith (CAN) 53.065

  8. Yana Pavlova (RUS) 17.395



  1. Dong Dong & Xiao Tu (CHN) 53.700

  2. Daiki Kishi & Ryosuke Sakai (JPN) 50.825

  3. Pirmammad Aliyev & Danil Mussabayev (KAZ) 50.150

  4. Jeffrey Gluckstein & Aliaksei Shostak (USA) 49.810

  5. Dario Aloi & Flavio Cannone (ITA) 44.895

  6. Vladyslav Chobotaryov & Dmytro Sobakar (UKR) 43.385

  7. Maans Aaberg & Jonas Nordfors (SWE) 25.765

  8. Sebastien Lachavanne & Simon Progin (SUI) 14.985

  9. Uladzislau Hancharou & Aleh Rabtsau (BLR) 5.430


  1. Shouli Zhu & Xueying Zhu (CHN) 50.235

  2. Hanna Hancharova & Mariya Makharynskaya (BLR) 49.405

  3. Hikaru Mori & Yumi Takagi (JPN) 48.045

  4. Susanna Kochesok & Yana Pavlova (RUS) 47.735

  5. Svitlana Malkova & Diana Tuvalbaieva (UKR) 47.315

  6. Sarah Milette & Sophiane Methot (CAN) 46.915

  7. Sviatlana Makshtarova & Veronika Zemlianaia (AZE) 45.600

  8. Hanna Ryden & Lina Sjoeberg (SWE) 41.410

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