World Trampoline Championships 2017: China win ladies synchro title

Women's synchro medallists
Winners Zhong Xingping and Zhu Xueying of China, with silver medallists Hikaru Mori and Yumi Takagi of Japan, plus Tatsiana Piatrenia and Maryia Makharynskaya of Belarus (3rd)

The medals keep on coming for China on the third day of competition.

One day after helping their country to victory in the team final, the Chinese pair Zhong Xingping and Zhu Xueying won the women’s synchro world title.
Zhong, who was the reigning champion with Li Dan, and her current partner Zhu performed the highest difficulty in the final – a routine which also received the highest execution scores.
Hikaru Mori and Takagi Yumi of Japan finished in with the silver medal, with the Belarusian pair of Tatsiana Piatrenia and Maryia Makharynskaya in 3rd.
The final results:
  1. Zhong Xingping / Zhu Xueying
  2. Mori Hikaru / Takagi Yumi
  3. Piatrenia Tatsiana / Makharynskaya Maryia
  4. Annuity Ana / Martins Beatriz
  5. Methot Sophiane / Milette Sarah
  6. Voronina Victoria / Pavlova Yana
  7. Makshtarova Sviatlana / Zemlianaia Veronika
  8. Jurbert Marine / Labrousse Lea