Rosie reached for the Sky

Back to Prelims. Although Marina had, by far, the worst day possible, I can’t help but wonder if Savannah did touch that mat or not. That was a tough call to make and while we will never know whether the right call was made or not… As much as I am happy she made it into Finals, I wish Katherine had one more shot at “home”.

Without taking anything out of Rosie’s Gold striking routine, I can’t help but raising my eyebrows on the similarity of her Full Full Straight “Pike… ish” and her Full Full Pike “Straight… ish”. The similarity of these skills is something I questioned in 2008 with Wenna and am still questioning today. Having said all that, since the judges were ok to give Gold to Wenna four years ago, it is unquestionable that Rosie deserved her title on that glorious Saturday and her merciless 57.305 points. Check this out: she did not only brought Canada’s first Trampoline Gold, she brought her coach, Dave Ross, his sixth’s Olympic Medal and nothing less than Canada’s ONLY Gold of these Games. Sky was the limit for Rosie in London.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. I can’t believe Karen did not stand on this podium. Yes, Wenna is both reigning Olympic and World Champion. But, competing at equal difficulty (14.8 without mentioning the similarity of her Full Fulls…) with a sited final bounce, how far were the judges to agree on 8.3, 8.3 and 8.2? Unthinkable and such tarnish for our Sport.

Every four years, I always wonder which scandal will be witnessed during the Olympic Gymnastics events: in 2000, Andrea Raducan lost her All Around Gold for doping. In 2004, Paul Hamm won his All Around Gold on a recognized judging mistake. In 2008, Kexin He’s age was under serious investigation (and Chunlong should have never won as far as I am concerned). Well, all in all, I do not feel these Games were spared. Way too much drama in London. All of them judging related while, interestingly enough, access to detailed E score (i.e. individual scoring by judge) is not granted to the public… Yet.

My only wish is that the reverse of the medal does not overshadow some of the amazing and inspiring achievements we have the fortune to enjoy every four years. We need to do better. For our Sport and its future.

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