King Dong

This day will be remembered as one of the highlights of Trampoline’s History. What a display these men have shown. In as little as 90 minutes, we did not witness a Competition but one of the highest degrees of Sportsmanship any discipline would dream of. To you Athletes and Coaches: nothing better to do so than during the Olympic Games. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all!

Back to the event. Four of these athletes were entering their third Olympics and, none of them made it to Finals. Call it a coincidence or realize how much our beloved sport has evolved within the past five years. Also, my heart goes to “Vitamina” (Diogo), Steven and Blake who were hoping for so much better during their first Olympics Preliminary Optionals.

Without undermining anyone’s performance, I have to say Dima Ushakov impressed me most. His inner strength was nothing less than awe inspiring. Just looking at his straight jumps, there was no other option than he was going to “hit” it. And, he did it twice. Such a great performance by a fantastic athlete. Plus, I am so happy he brought a so very well deserved first Olympic Medal to his coach Oleg Zaporochenko.

On a personal note, I always felt Dong should have won four years ago. Well, with the only five triple routine of these Games, he did not leave any chance to anyone else and took what was his. Untouchable from the beginning to the end. How long will he be able to keep on this pacing? I sure hope another four years so he could become Trampoline’s very first two-time Olympic Champion.

Since I am currently unable to complete a judging analysis, I did a little exercise and compared the results from Birmingham 2011 to London 2012. Well, there is no doubt that the Men’s Olympic Finals were World Class in a sense that seven out of the eight finalists competed again (Jason went in while Yuri did not) and all of them increased their Time of Flight… “Altius”! Five of them also increased their Totals… “Fortius”! As for “Citius” we will have to wait for Rio and some more four to five triple routines.

Pictures by Damien DORNA hereafter.

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