Tribute to Paul Luxon

On July 15, 2004, Paul Luxon passed away at the age of 52. Paul was 1969 & 1971 European champion and 1972 World champion

Acrobatic Sports wanted to pay tribute to this exceptional champion. You can find a moving video mixed from footages shot by Pierre Blois and Michel Rouquette who took Paul as model to follow and study. The technique of the French team was directly inspired from the “Luxon technique

Paul became the first European to win the World Champion title in 1972 in Stuttgart thereby ending the American supremacy. The same year, he won the World title in synchronized with Bob Hughes. Paul also won the European Championships in 1969 and 1971.

After coaching in Germany, he came back to Great Britain and founded the Kingston Kites Trampoline Club in Milton Keynes where he developed great trampolinists.

Paul was also a at friend of the French teamh which he participated to summer camps in France in 1971 and 1972 with his teammates including Dave Pittaway and Dave Curtis.

In the opinion of Michel Rouquette, coach of the French team from 1969 through 1988, Paul Luxon revolutionized the technique and the form in trampoline and remains the greatest trampoline technician to this day.

Richard Tison (1974, 1976 World Champion, 1973 European Champion), Veronique Richer, or Marie-France Rigard still have emotional memories from Paul to whom they pay tribute in the interviews they granted to Acrobatic Sports.

I met Paul in 1971 during a trampoline summer camp inSeillac,France. Michel Rouquette, our coach, had invited him and his coach because we had fallen in love with the “Luxon style”, and we wanted to work in his company and use him as our “model”.

With his legendary kindness, Paul accepted the invitation. I was very young, with no experience, and I saw Paul as a superhero as soon as he went up on the trampoline. 

I learned to better know him the following year, in 1972, where Paul came to join us at our summer camp in Saint-Leonard-des-Bois in theSartheregion. Paul came with four buddies and was finishing his preparation to the Worlds inStuttgart. 


He was ready, and with the regularity of a clock, he was executing his routine with consistency and perfection at each attempt. We observed him and worked the technique and aesthetic of his style with his authorization and his support. Paul and his buddies profited from their visit in France to oxygenize and relax before the Stuttgart meet, and I am proud to say that the moments we spent together during this month of July 1972 probably had a role in his win at the World Championships. 


After 1972, I saw Paul several times at various championships where he was coaching, then at his and Ute’s place during winter vacations or at other summer camps inFrance.


My most recent memory of Paul was a trip toClevelandin 1989 (?) where Bill Copp organized a series of demonstrations with all trampoline World Champions he was able to contact. FromEurope, there was Paul, Stewart, Karl, Lionel, and myself, attached to the group of American champions. It was fabulous and unique to gather all these talents and we spent unforgettable moments. 


I often thought that if Paul would have continued to jump competitively after 1972, I could possibly never have won my European Champion title or my first World Champion title in 1974. Paul was my trampoline model, the light that allowed me to persevere, to improve in our sport. 

He was also a friend who knew how to give his time naturally and share moments of life despite the differences of age, culture, language, or fame!


His untimely death was a deep pain to me. I did not have the courage to contact his family to let know of my affection and sadness at that time. 


Today, I hope they will be able to read me so that they could understand. But they know, I am sure, that I did not forget Paul. He was psychologically with me in my greatest finals, we spent together fantastic moments, always in happiness and good mood.

Today, he is still a little in me, and whenever I go up on a trampoline and do a full twist, Paul’s image shows up and I can clearly see him smile and tell me: “nice, Richard!”


Paul, I thank you for what you gave me, and also for what you have been. I am sure that one day, in the infinite, our stars will meet again?.

Richard TISON

1973 European champion

1974 and 1976 World champion

  Jully 16, 2005


Hello. I have just found the web site on my dear friend Paul Luxon. When we were growing up Paul inLondonand me down inBathwe became the best of friends after the 1968 British Boys Finals.


I can remember meeting his mum dad and getting an invite to their house. Paul and myself travelled around the country from one comp to the next. I used to go and visit Paul and his family inLondonwhen ever I could and I found Paul to be more of a brother than a friend. I would get on the train at Bath Spa Railway station and they would meet me at Paddington and drive to their house in Hornsey and spend the weekend or longer with them and of course down the gym. I  have known Paul for over 40 years and miss him very much.


Yesterday evening there was a memorial for Paul in his garden with his family and friends which was organised by his wife Alyson inMilton Keynes. Best wishes to you.


Robbie Hughes

1972 World Syncronised Champion

After his win at the 1972 World Championships inStuttgart, Paul Luxon ended the American supremacy in men’s trampoline individual competitions, followed byFrance, Soviet Union, andGreat Britain


At the 1969 European Championships in Gand that he brilliantly won, we foresaw a great champion with his technical perfection, his elegancy, and the purity of his moves. His greatness was confirmed in Suttgart where he easily dominated the American favorites. It was my first experience as an international judge. I will never forget this historical moment where a European acceded for the first time to the World title. 

Seduced by the quality of his performances and seeing in him the model that corresponded the best to the theories we had of the trampoline technique we wanted to develop in France, Michel Rouquette had the bright idea to invite Paul in France to summer camps with his Bois-Colombes team (Veronique Richer, Jean-Michel Bataillon, Richard Tison, Gilles Lebris). He used Paul to shoot a movie with him to illustrate the book ?The Trampoline as I see it? written by Jeff Hennessy. 


From this document and Paul’s advices, we were able to define our objectives, improve the technical form of the routines, and follow Paul’s path at the European and World levels. 


The disastrous attitude by Paul’s coach has to be mentioned as, frustrated at being dropped and replaced by another coach, he found a way to get Paul excluded from the BTF for having received a compensation for a show. At that time, strict amateurism was the rule, but what a pity to be deprived from such a champion! He then left toGermanywhere he became head coach of the German team. 

None of those who knew him will forget him. Thank you Paul for what you brought to trampoline.

Pierre Blois

French National Technical Director 1974-1988 

Member of the Technical Committees FIT and IFSA 1972-1996

Paul LUXON was a precursor, a revolutionary at the time, he was the model of the French team. To this day, he remains the GREATEST. 

Paul was like a “wooden board” (“planche de bois”) on the trampoline. These words, which Michel Rouquette was repeating all the time, were the key to successfully perform his skills and, more importantly, to swing them. 


He was really beautiful to watch. It looked very easy. But actually, he was someone very skilled for this sport. 


He was adorable, always ready to help others, and had a great charisma. 


Now, he is gone, but he will always stay in our memories because heroes stay forever models for the future generations. 


Thanks Paul for your generosity, your know-how, and more importantly for your fidelity. 


We already miss you a lot.


Marie-France Rigard


  Ich habe Paul 1971 Auf einem Trampolinlehrgang in Seillac in Frankreich kennen gelernt.

Michel Rouquette unser Trainer hatte ihn mit seinem Coach eingeladen weil wir uns in den “Luxon” Stil verliebt hatten und mit dem “Vorbild” daran arbeiten wollten.


Mit seiner legendären Freundlichkeit hat Paul zugesagt. Ich war jung, unerfahren und sah in Paul einen Übermenschen, sobald er das Trampolin bestieg.


Ich habe ihn im nächsten Jahr 1972 besser kennen gelernt als Paul uns während des Sommerlehrgangs in Saint Léonard des bois im Sarthe besuchte.

Paul war mit 4 Freunden gekommen und beendete seine Vorbereitung für die Weltmeisterschaften in Stuttgart. Er war schon bereit, wie eine Uhr, er turnte seine Kür jedes Mal mit der gleichen Regelmäßigkeit und Perfektion. Wir haben davon profitiert, mit seiner Erlaubnis, die Mechanik und die Esthetik seines Stils zu beobachten und zu trainieren.

Paul und seine Freunde nutzten ihren Aufenthalt um durchzuatmen und zu entspannen vor dem Termin in Stuttgart, und ich bin stolz, dass die Momente die wir während des Juli 1972 zusammen verbracht haben, bestimmt eine Rolle gespielt haben bei seinem Sieg bei den Weltmeisterschaften


Nach 1972 habe ich Pul öfters wiedergesehen, bei verschiedenen Wettkämpfen bei denen er coachte, dann bei ihm und Ute in Deutschland während der Winterferien, und bei anderen Lehrgängen in Frankreich.

Meine letzte Erinnerung an Paul ist ein Aufenthalt inCleveland, inUSA, 1989(?) als Bill Copp mehrere Schauturnen mit allen Trampolinweltmeistern die er erreichen konnte organisiert hatte.

Aus Europa kamen Paul, Stewart, Karl, Lionel und ich, angehängt an die “Truppe” der Amerikanischen Meister.

Es war toll und einmalig sich mit so vielen Talenten zu treffen, und wir verbrachten unvergessliche Momente.


Ich habe oft gedacht, dass wenn Paul weiter Wettkämpfe geturnt hätte nach 1972, ich wahrscheinlich meinen Europameistertitel und meinen Weltmeistertitel 1974 nicht erreicht hätte.


Paul war mein Vorbild im Trampolin, das Licht das es mir erlaubt hat durchzuhalten und in unserem Sport weiterzukommen. Er war auch ein Freund der natürlicherweise seine Zeit opferte und mit uns Momente teilte trotz des Altersunterschiedes, der Kulturunterschiede, der Sprachunterschiede oder seiner Bekanntheit.   

Paul war mein Vorbild im Trampolin, das Licht das es mir erlaubt hat durchzuhalten und in unserem Sport weiterzukommen. Er war auch ein Freund der natürlicherweise seine Zeit opferte und mit uns Momente teilte trotz des Altersunterschiedes, der Kulturunterschiede, der Sprachunterschiede oder seiner Bekanntheit.


Er hatmichim Kopf begleitet während meiner größten Finale, wir haben unvergessliche Momente zusammen verbracht, immer mit guter Laune und Freude. Heute, ist er immer noch ein wenig in mir, und wenn ich auf ein Trampolin steige und ein Full mache, erscheint das Bild von Paul und ich sehe wie ermichanlächelt und höre ihn sagen « nice, Richard »


Paul ich danke dir , für das was du mir gegeben hast und für das was du gewesen bist. Ich bin sicher dass eines Tages in der Unendlichkeit unsere Sterne sich wieder kreuzen werden.

Richard Tison

Europameister 1973

Weltmeister 1974 et 1976





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