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November 8, 2009: The list of World Records in individual trampoline, synchronized trampoline, and double-mini trampoline, has been updated after the latest World Cup events. Two World Records were beaten since our last update in August 2009. We also added two World Records that we had previously overlooked.

The list of World Records in individual trampoline, synchronized trampoline, tumbling, and double mini-trampoline (DMT) has been updated after the 2009 Salzgitter World Cup, and before the World Championships to be held inSt Petersburg,Russia, on November 11-14, 2009. 

Note that these World Records are now unofficial as the FIG as unfortunately decided two years ago to not keep track of official world records, including in trampoline.

The World Records can be beaten only at FIG sanctioned events such as the Olympic Games, World Games, World Championships, Continental Championships, and the World Cups. 

From the previous list, the following World Records were added:

– Highest Total Score in men’s individual trampoline: Lu Chunlong (CHN) scored a grand total of 115.80 pts at the World Cup in Zielona Gora, Poland, on September 5, 2009.  The previous World Record was held by Alexander Moskalenko (RUS), who scored114.80 pts at the 2001 World Championships held inOdense,Denmark.

– Highest Scoring First Routine in men’s synchronized trampoline: Nikolai Kazak-Viacheslav Model (BLR) set a new record at 40.50 pts at the World Cup in Salzgitter, Germany, on September 12, 2009.  The prior World Record was co-held by Tetsuya Sotomura-Yasuhiro Ueyama (JPN – 40.40 pts at the 2007 Sofia World Cup) and Scott Brown-Ben Wilden (AUS -40.40 pts at the 2008 Publier World Cup). 

We also added two World Records in men’s DMT that we had previously overlooked: Highest Scoring in One Pass (39.20 pts) and Highest Difficulty (11.20 ptsfor a half out triffis pike – triple back pike).  Both were established by Kirill Ivanov (RUS) at the team final of the 2008 European Championships in Odense, Denmark.  These World Records replaced those of Ivanov (39.10 pts at the 2007 Quebec City World Championships) and Casey Finley (USA – 10.80 pts at the 2005 World Championships).  

We have also translated the World Records of the highest difficulty held by Jason Burnett (CAN) and Irina Karavaeva (RUS) from the old difficulty marking rules (17.50 pts and15.30 pts) into the new difficulty marking rules (17.90 pts and15.60 pts).  We have unfortunately not yet translated the difficulty World Records in synchronized trampoline.

We have also not reduced the difficulty World Records in tumbling by translating them into the new difficulty marking system in tumbling.


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